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Name: Macie (N)
Status: Available for Adoption (adoption info)
Species: Dog
Breed: Dutch Shepherd / Pit Bull Terrier / Mixed
Sex: Female (spayed)
General Potential Size: Medium
Current Age: 10 Months (best estimate)
Good with People: Friendly
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Kids: Yes
Housetrained: Yes
Sadly, Macie's Mom is unexpectedly being transferred overseas and can not take Macie with her.

This is what her Mom told us about her:

Macie is the sweetest, most endearing puppy. She is intelligent, affectionate and loving, playful, obedient, mischievous, holds her own in rough play and she is a gentle and dainty little lady.

She weighs around 45lbs and has the most gorgeous, soft and fuzzy brindle coat.
Rumor has it that she may be part deer (dainty & graceful runner) and part cat (often independent, but she snuggles whenever she can and will rub herself against you as a cat does), and part teddy bear (soft and loving).
Macie adores toys! She will shred some but will leave others intact (for reasons unknown :-) She seems to love chewy toys and fuzzy toys equally and she is very good at entertaining herself with them.

Macie is completely housebroken and will whine and sit in front of the door if you don't get her meaning right away. She is fully crate-trained and will sleep in her crate without crying, though she prefers to sleep on the bed with her pack (human and furry). She never has any crate accidents and holds "it" very impressively.

Macie is great with other dogs, very submissive and very playful. She knows basic commands and learns very quickly. So far she has learned: Sit, Bark, Lay, Paw, she knows "Outside!" and to sit before getting the leash put on.
Macie walks very well on the leash and responds to “Stop” (if she is tugging after a squirrel or cat), “Macie, Wait” (the "Wait" command needs to have her name along with it or she will pretent she does not hear it) and “Drop” for when she picks up something she’s not supposed to like gum, which she seems to love. She sometimes jumps if people are very excited to meet her, but she is very gentle even in that.

Macie responds best to assertive requests to stop doing something she is not suppose to, but she is very sensitive to loud voices. She will do best with assertive, but not aggressive discipline, and she responds easily and quickly so there is never a need to for raised voices.

Macie needs lots of exercise as she is very energetic and she will need a regular outlet, such as jogging, hiking or walks, for this energy. She also likes to sit and look out the window at squirrels and she loves to sniff everything there is outdoors.

Everyone she meets instantly falls in love with her. She is good with poeple and children, but not with cats. She will chase them if given a chance, though we are not sure if she wishes to harm them or if she merely wants to play.

Macie will most likely be happier with other dogs around, because she is so used to having a playmate, but she seems at ease in her own independence.

Whoever is lucky enough to get to take this beautiful girl home, will be especially blessed with a true angel.... just one covered in fuzz.
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