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Adopting A New Friend

On-Line Adoption Application

Please understand that it is important for us to know that prospective owners feel a real bond and commitment to the dog being considered, but it is also important that the dog fit your lifestyle.
Our goal is to have the best quality of life for the humans and animals in his or her new family and for us to match each dog with a home where an ideal bond will occur.                       
The first part of the adoption process is submitting an APPLICATION FOR ADOPTION.

An adoption counselor will review it and decide if it is an appropriate application for the dog you are interested in. The application gives us an idea of your living situation, your lifestyle, and what you are really looking for in a companion.

As everyone knows, the requirements and expectations for dogs all vary and like humans each one has its own character and personality. Some dogs are mellow and just need a place where they can be a companion to people and relax and live out their lives. Others are extremely active and need to lead a very active lifestyle. But they all need to be in homes where they are understood and loved unconditionally.
After reviewing the adoption application, an adoption counselor will call for a phone interview to chat further about the dog and you.

Upon completion of the phone interview we look at references to make sure that you are in fact who you represent yourself to be as both a person and canine guardian.

The next step is to explore your literal living situation.
Once again, all dogs have different requirements, an example being some dogs really need to go to homes where a fenced in yard is available, whereas others are fine without a fenced yard. We also need to make sure that you are the owner of the home that you reside, and if you are not, then we need to get consent from your landlord that the dog you are looking to adopt will be allowed in your home.
Finally, you will get to meet the dog you are considering and we all get to see if it is the match we hope it will be! At that point, if it is true love, then you may welcome your fantastic new companion to your home for the beginning of what we are certain will be a great relationship.
We require that you sign our adoption agreement and pay the adoption fee for the dog.All dogs adopted from us are fully vetted (vaccinated, HW tested, dewormed, andspayed/neutered, as appropriate for the age of each dog). 
Some may feel this is a long process, but it is important to understand that we need to know that these dogs will never end up unwanted again. But, most applicants begin to feel a sense of excitement and anticipation about bringing a new Fur Baby home and that ends up making it more a worthwhile and rewarding experience. So, if you are still interested in bringing home one of our special Fur Babies,

please start bringing your new best friend home by registering and filling out our on-line Adoption Application.

Unless otherwise stated, the adoption fee for one of our dogs is $315.00.


Occasionally we will have a dog or puppy that we believe to be purebred and we will charge $350.00 to $400.00 for such dog(s) or puppy, and the higher fee will be stated in the description of the dog(s).


Adoption fees are non-negotiable.

On-Line Adoption Application


Please be patient.
Good Dog! Rescue is a small group of volunteers who hold full-time jobs in addition to this labor of love, the rescue work.

Someone will contact you as soon as possible about your application.