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***Update 06/17/07:
Reenie's (Maureen) new Mom writes:

Sorry it took me so long to get back, but I am really in a lather up here! My job is in one of those "Power-roll" modes, so I am swamped!

Of course you can use my letter about the Reener! I meant all of it and I hope it makes those wonderful people who contributed to her medical costs feel good about the wonderful thing they did for her.
I just can't seem to find a good picture that shows her in her new element! LOL!  My friends are trying to get something to me, but it's been surprisingly difficult to exchange. So I'm attaching a boring one I have here that's not really fun and glamorous, but I'm still hoping those can be sent shortly, too!

I have one more story for you. Last night I went home at 5, my normal time, and both dogs greeted me at the door. Usually it's just my Izzy, cause I don't think Reenie has been there long enough to know this is the normal coming home routine yet. And when Izzy greets me, she is her most delightful and enthusiastic self, bowing and wiggling and just being adorable.
Well, last night Reenie was waiting too, and did the "happy to see you dance" at the door with Izzy! I was delighted!
Then, she ran and got the stuffy toy that Cynthia was so kind to send home with her, and savaged it for me (as Izzy will do). I guess she's showing me how fierce she can be! :o)
Then Izzy, who isn't much of a player, runs to Reenie and beings to challenge her for the toy. It's the first time they've paid any real attention to each other, kind of in an accepting "pack" member way. Of course, this all lasted about 5 minutes before both of them (big loads that they are) plopped down and probably felt, "okay, have we entertained you enough now?"
It was really great and more proof that I made a wise choice in the Reen-Bean.

So, let me know if there's anything else you need, or anytime you want to check in feel free!

Best, Terri

***Update 06/17/07:
Reenie's (Maureen) new Mom writes:
Hi all!

Just wanted to brief you on the end/beginning of the story here. Sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner, but I've been sick/busy and today is my first free moment since I picked up Reenie.

First and foremost, this is the most lovely dog (aside from my Izzy, that is!) I have ever had the pleasure to open my home to. She is extraordinarily well mannered, gentle, kind, friendly, loving, the list goes on and on. As terrified as I initially was about undertaking this venture, it has turned out to be a healthy, loving decision all around I believe. I simply love her to death. And I do believe she is pretty fond of me too, but she is pretty fond of anyone I think!
So, I don't know if you all knew this, but I was struggling terribly on Thursday when I picked her up - I had strep throat and was really in great distress. My throat was so swollen I thought maybe I should ask Cynthia where the local hospital was just in case - but all of that got forgotten in the excitement of meeting everyone and getting the adoption underway. I will tell you this though, I had to call my doctor on the way home and request an emergency office appointment because I was having trouble just swallowing and breathing. I actually had to drive there leaving both dogs in the car while I ran in! The infection in my throat was so severe they put me on steroids for two days, but it did the trick immediately, and within 24 hours I was able to function pretty normally again....

The ride home was uneventful for them, other than poor Reen taking a header out of the car when we got home here. It really hurt her I think, but the vet checked her out and said that the leg is just plain sore to being with, so the fall must have really aggravated it and hurt terribly, but it appears no damages were done. I am very relieved. These two dogs are acting like they have spent their entire lives together. One second on Friday of "who's the boss" behavior from Izzy (Reenie came over before she was done eating) of simply lifting her lip, and Reenie shot out of the kitchen and plopped down on her bed without a second glance back. I mean, I expected the minimum, but this is quite incredible.

My dog walker met her on Friday and she went for her walk. Uneventful and the walker loves her. She will be getting walked three times a day for 5 days a week. I'm working on finding someone to come in for the two days I don't have covered yet, but she is pretty slow and not really able to do anything but plod for right now, so I think the two days off actually helps. I don't want to cause harm, and the vet agrees. Her left rear leg has considerable muscle atrophy, and we are somewhat concerned about that. We need to build her up. I may have to find somewhere that I can get her water therapy to get her mobile without the weight bearing stress on the leg.

On that note - she is a real load and this is my biggest problem right now. She is 70 lbs guys. The vet and I almost dropped over. She MUST lose 10-15 lbs immediately. Quite the task ahead of us I must say. She is NOT going to be happy with this route, but I am already substituting lots of hugs and verbal praises for any treats, so she is on the path. It's the lack of ability to exercise that will slow this down. But she's gotta lose, so we have to find a solution somehow.

She goes back in in two months for her follow-up visit. Cynthia - the growth in her ear is a wart. Plain old wart. Yuck. But when I take her back in in two months we will remove it so that we can avoid problems when grooming her down the road, and then we will revisit her weight to see if my gentle home regime of reduced treats has had any effect. If not, then I have to get more aggressive about the physical therapy. But the vet said she looked terrific otherwise and was obviously well cared for.

So, life is looking pretty good for us right now, aside from the cosmetics of things. She was chipped and is now ready to go. I do take her out without the leash to test her and believe it or not she has yet to leave my side. Now, of course no rabbits or squirrels have shot by yet, but I am training her to know our property, and understand when I call her and say no she stays put. So far so good....

I had a huge barbeque yesterday, about 25 people attending. She was fabulous, greeted everyone lovingly, and for the most part stayed out of harms way. Food was left on the coffee table at perfect dog mouth height, but one and all were aware of her presence and prepared to instruct her if necessary about not eating people food!  I can honestly tell you that that sweet baby never even made a half-hearted attempt to take anything. She did sniff kind of longingly at first, but all of my friends very gently distracted her and made it clear that was a "no" zone. She was unbelievably well mannered after that, and never even put herself in temptations way. She hung out at people's feet and was rewarded with tons of love and pets and attention. I do have some pictures a friend took, and will send something as soon as she passes them on to me.

So, this is just a story I am so happy to be able to tell you all. I can't thank you enough for the good care you took of this baby till I could get her to her home here. I promise that she will have an excellent life, filled with love and appreciation for her tender kind spirit. I will update as I can, but please always feel free to write and inquire. And if you're ever up here in PA, please feel free to get in touch and maybe if you come close in the Washington Crossing or New Hope you can stop by and visit with her.
I know she'd love to see you all.

Best, Terri

***Update 06/14/07:
Maureen had her second FHO operation and was doing well, when fate came calling.
We received a great application from someone who had lost one of her Chow companions to old age and fell in love with Maureen when she saw her on our site.

And now, withour further delay, 
we are happy to announce,
........DRUM ROLL PLEASE.......
(her name is now Reenie)
It comes complete with a cinnamon Chow sister named Izzy and a kitty sister name Zozo.
Maureen deserves the best.
She always kept her sweet, sweet personality and even when in great pain, she never stopped being the loving dog we all came to know.
We will all miss her and wish her a long and happy life in her new home.
A special big Thank You goes to Maureen's dedicated foster Mom Cynthia,
who took on the task of getting Maureen well after each of her two surgeries and
spoiled our special girl rotten with lots of love, attention and patience. 


***Update 02/13/07:
Maureen had her first FHO operation on February 9, 2007.
She is recovering well from that and will have her other hip operated on next month.
She should be near 100% by mid-April.
Long-term, she is going to have to keep her weight down--that's a real challenge for her!
She loves her biscuits!

Please help Sweet Maureen!

Please consider making a donation to go towards her medical needs.

It was a happy day when Maureen finally got out of the kennels and into a foster home.
She could prove what a great house-dog she was!

Her foster noticed, though, that she was slow to get up and had a hard time going up stairs. She took her to our vets and her fears were confirmed:
Maureen has severe hip dysplasia.

This condition is usually congenital and degenerative and can get very painful for the dog.
Maureen has been coping stoically and, in spite of the pain, continues to be the absolute sweetest dog you could ever wish for or hope to meet.

There are very good surgical options for her, most likely, a total hip replacement and in the meantime her pain is managed through medication.

We are committed to giving Maureen all the medical care she needs, but we need your help in the form of financial aid for this expensive surgery.

Please consider making a donation to help Maureen live a normal, pain-free life.

For donations to help Maureen,
please go to:
maureen-hurtcollectorCmaureen-hurtcollectorC http://gooddogrescue.rescuegroups.org/info/donate maureen-hurtcollector-flpdCc

Any donation, no matter what size, will help make a big difference for a dog like Maureen.