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Would you like to help by fostering one of our fur kids?

A foster home is a temporary safe haven for a rescued dog.
It is the most crucial yet scarce ingredient in animal rescue!

The more available foster homes, the more pets we are able to rescue.
For the dogs in animal control facilities, a shortage of space means death!

Do you need a doggie fix?  Maybe you travel too often to commit to a dog,
or you already have a dog and don’t want to take on the expense of another,
or you’re up in the air about your future?
Maybe you’re thinking about getting a dog, but you’re not quite sure you’re ready?
Fostering could be perfect for you!  Or would you just like to help a dog in need?

The responsibility of the foster home is to provide a safe, secure, stable environment and,
most important, the love.
Some dogs may require special care, such as post medical attention,
increasing weight or strength, socializing, building trust, exercise, and fun.
Some pets just require you.
Through fostering, these animals come to understand that the safest place in the world is in the arms of their caretakers.
As little as a week spent in your home will often give the dog the confidence it needs to find its permanent home.
We will try to accommodate your preferences as far as size, age, sex etc.
of your foster dog the best we can and the length of commitment is up to you.

Good Dog! Rescue provides all of the medical treatment for your foster dog.
As a foster parent, you can help us update your foster fur-baby’s web site bio with information regarding
potty training status, energy level,  temperament and his/her ability to get along with people, kids, dogs, and/or cats.
The more we know, the better the chance of a successful placement in his/her forever home.

If during the course of your fostering you happen to fall in love with your foster dog and you
choose to adopt him or her,your application will take precedence over any other.
It takes a very special person to open his or her heart and home to one of these babies,
to love and nurture them for a period of time and then give them up when their new permanent home is found.

By taking just ONE needy rescue dog into your home, you are making the difference between life and death!
Your commitment creates a space for us to take another dog out of the shelter and save another life.

If you think you might be able to offer a foster home,
please contact our Foster Coordinator 
[email protected]

or come and visit us at one of our monthly adoption events