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The Adoption Application form and a consultation with a Good Dog! Rescue representative
are designed to help you find the dog most
compatible with your lifestyle and you and your family.
Please complete the all the questions to the best of your knowledge.

Please note that completion of this adoption application does not guarantee adoption of a Good Dog! Rescue dog.
Please be patient. Good Dog! Rescue is a small group of volunteers who hold full-time jobs in addition to this labor of love,
the rescue work
Someone will contact you as soon as possible about your application.

Each applicant/registered user should only fill out ONE application.

If you you are interested in more than one dog,
it is important to make sure to list the name(s) of the additional dog(s) under
Please list/name any of OUR other dog(s) you would be interested in" on the application form.

Please note that the on-line application is best filled out using Microsoft Internat Explorer, Modzilla Firefox and Netscape!
Apple comuter specific browsers may not work.
Also make sure that you have your Java endabled and the Pop-Up Blocker
Sometime refreshing/reloading the page will help also (before going to the application itself.

***If your are having problems with the adoption application,
please see below instructions on how to proceed:

Log into your account (menu on the left side), using the same login and password you used the first time,

go back to the Adoption Application (see menu on the left) by clicking on the link.

You should now see the My Online Forms box.

It will show, the Online Form you have started and/or completed.

If it does not, please make sure to Hit your browser RELOAD OR REFRESH button!

The Box/Form Status should indicate either a COMPLETED or an "INCOMPLETE"!

If it shows an INCOMPLETE, you can edit or change your information.

To do so, go back into the form you previously filled in (by clicking on it) and edit/add as needed.

When done SUBMIT/COMPLETE the application.

(Please be sure to pay special attention to the fields marked "REQUIRED").

If your application shows as COMPLETED, but you know it is not, or you need to make changes,

please contact us for further help.

For problems or questions,
please contact our web-mistress here:

[email protected]