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12/18/2016 4:23 AM

Update ~ October 4, 2021

Well, it is official!

Hazel went to her Forever Home where she will be safe and where she will  be loved and spoiled.

We want to take this happy opportunity to thank all of you who helped Hazel be on her way with
your generous donations towards Hazel's medial expenses,
your prayers, well wishes and  care packages.

Without your caring hearts it would be a lot harder for us to save special dogs like Hazel.

Good luck little Hazel! 
You deserve all the good things life has to offer and then some!

The Good Dog! Rescue Staff & fellow Dogs
PS:  We will be posting follow up pictures of Hazel at the link/page below:
Hazel and her new life

September 14, 2007
Hazel with foster sister Silatuyok and foster brother Ducati

Update ~ September 10, 2007
Now that Hazel is well on her way to recovery, we are finally able to concentrate on finding
the perfect home for this perfect little girl.
We are beginning the process of evaluating the adoption applications we received for her.
If you are interested in adopting Hazel, please go here:

and fill out an adoption application!

September 7, 2007
Update ~ September 5, 2007
Hazel was spayed today  without any complications.
The stitches  from the amputation were removed also and the wound is healing well.
 Since she was already sedated, we had her ribs and the knee & hip on her
left leg  x-rayed and thankfully all looks great!
 The staff at the vet clinic adores her and she really got spoiled while in their care.
This special little girl absolutely charms and bewitches everyone she meets.
Hazel is a great ambassador for her breed and she is everything one could want in a Pit Bull.



Update ~ August 30, 2021
Hazel's starring in her first TV Role sending a message to those who do bad things to helpless dogs!
ABC 7News Video link
It aired August 30, 2007 during the 6 o'clock news cast
link to DOGMA Bakery

Update ~ August 21, 2021
Hazel got a surprise care package in the mail today .
It was sent by a fellow Pit Bull lover and proud owner of Phil,
the green eyed Pit Bull (see his picture on the card),
 a member of a great Pit Bull forum her foster mom visits daily
 and where everyone is following Hazel's progress.
Thank you Starla & Phil!

Hazel is licking her chops, enjoying the kong and goodies!


hazel-goodies-kong hazel-goodies-treats

Update ~ August 20, 2021
Hazel continues to do well and had her draining tubes removed today.
 She will be going back to the vet on September 5, 2007 to have her stiches removed and to be spayed.

See a new video of brave little Hazel taken August 16, 2007,
the day after her surgery, by clicking on the small camera below:
( the video has no sound)

Update ~ August 15, 2021
Hazel's surgery finished a little while ago and she came through it without any problems.
According to the surgeon, 
the damage was even worse than what was expected from the x-rays
and the
amputation took longer than expected. 
So, in order not to risk having her under anesthesia even longer, 
it was decided not to do the spay surgery at the same time.
Hazel will be spayed as soon as she has recovered enough to safely go through another surgery.
According to the vet's office,  she is already awake. 
What a little fighter she is.
Dogs are such amazing spirits.

Please continue to keep sweet little Hazel in your thoughts & prayers.


Little Hazel will have her surgery Wednesday, August 15, 2007.
Please send lots of healing energy and keep her in your prayers.

hazel-081207-2 hazel-081207-1

Hazel sporting a new "EAR DO"

Hazel watched her foster brother drink from the faucet dog nozzle outside and tought herself how to use it.
It has to be licked for the water to come out.
 Since she had a hard time reaching the nozzle, her foster mom built a ramp for her to use.
 She is such a smart little girl.
She also learned to sit quietly for her food by watching her foster siblings sitting and waiting at feeding time.
She likes her crate and will go into it willingly when telling her to: Go to bed!
She even uses the crate to nap in all on her own.

Hazel adores laying in the grass!
hazel-080807-1 hazel-080807-2

See a video of little Hazel in action, taken July 29, 2007,
 by clicking on the small camera below:
( the video has no sound)
Hazel's spirit is inspiring.

Update ~ July 31, 2007
Little Hazel's leg was re-evaluated today and sadly there is no way to save it at this point since
this happened when Hazel was just an infant, probably around 3-5 weeks of age.
Because most of the bones in the leg are shattered, including the growthplate,
the leg would not grow at a normal rate and would cause her too much pain in the long-run.
To spare Hazel from this, it was decided that amputation would be best for our little girl.
Her surgery is scheduled for the week ending 08/18/07 (the surgery earlier had to be rescheduled due to a timing conflict).

Her new foster mom says that this little girl has the perfect spirit and
tenacity to come through this surgery with flying colors.
She does not let her bad leg slow her down at all,
plays hard with her foster brother Ducati and
is an all around happy, sweet and loving little girl.

In spite of all the suffering Hazel has gone through she
adores people, kids of all ages and other dogs.
She is the "hit of the party" wherever she goes and absoluteley
charms and captivates everyone she meets!

It's all in the eyes!





Update ~ July 28, 2007
Hazel is now in her foster home in Northern Virginia and
is adjusting to her new foster family without any problems.
She loves her new foster brother Ducati & her foster sister Silatuyok.
 She will have her leg re-evaluated on Tuesday, 07/31/07
For her Foster Mommy Chestina in West Virginia.

Being spoiled rotten after exploratory surgery!

Hazel & her first foster family

hazel23A hazel22A


Hazel's Story

This beautiful little girl came from the Emergency Clinic in Winchester, Virginia,
where she was dumped, probably by the monster who hurt her.
She is just a tiny baby, only about eight weeks old, weighs about four to five pounds and she is absolutely adorable.
She has an injury to her back right leg; the top of the leg is very much bigger than the left leg.
She also has bruises on her belly, as if she had been kicked.
She is a little trooper, though - she walks on the hurt leg by putting pressure on her toes,
and when she runs she holds it completely up. She can not bend it at all.
hazels-bruises2A hazels-bruisesA
hazel5A hazel3A
Hazel is great in the house. She listens as well as any eight-week-old pup can.
She sleeps in a crate beside her fosters’ bed at night and already asks to go outside around 2:00AM,
but other than that she sleeps all night long. She doesn't even make a sound when her foster daddy gets up at 4:00AM;
instead she waits until her foster mommy gets up. What a good baby girl!
As you can see from these pictures, Hazel is a Love Bug!

Cuddly Sleepy Head!
hazel9A hazel8Aa
hazel6Aa hazel7Aa

hazel12A hazel2A

We are determined to get this sweet little puppy the medical care she needs,
but we sure could use your help with her upcoming vet bills!
Please consider making a donation to help get Hazel well.
For donations to help Hazel Puppy,

please go to:
maureen-hurtcollectorCmaureen-hurtcollectorC http://gooddogrescue.rescuegroups.org/info/donate maureen-hurtcollector-flpdCc