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Visit with Hazel on February 15, 2008
Hazel is doing absolutely fantastic.
She is very much loved and treasured and is still the
sweet love bug she has been from the beginning.
After she got done greeting me with lots and lots of puppy kisses and licks,
I gave her my present, the toy cube with 4 soft balls inside,
a toy she adored when she was with us.
As you can see below she still adores the toy!
Hazel's new Life
Hazel is doing well in her forever home with her Mom and her three cat siblings.
As always, Hazel is charming everyone one she meets.
Her Mom tells us that she has met many new neighbors and
made new friends in the few weeks since she has adopted Hazel.
 Hazel's sunny and happy disposition continues to infect all of those around her.
Hopefully her new cat siblings will feel that way about her also.
Go Girl, go!

Hazel's new Mom
hazel-and-mom-100607-1 hazel-and-mom-100607-2

September 29, 2021
I Love You!

An American All Star

New Friends!

Making friends and getting loved and spoiled!

October 06, 2021
Just look at that Pit Bull Smile!


October 10, 2021
Sleeping Beauty!


Come back to visit again!

Hazel Puppy's Story